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 A company you can trust in. Providing clients with our Experience & Extensive Knowledge when selecting the right Energy Conservation Measures to be undertaken, measures that will deliver every anticipated expectation of savings.

What We Can Do For You

AES will help reduce your property’s energy consumption with the assistance of our in house staff of energy specialists. AES is dedicated to dramatically lowering a client's energy costs, while providing the highest level of efficiency.

AES's responsive and open technology team coupled with a stock of money-saving projects and products have earned AES a perfect record of customer satisfaction.  AES understands that referrals from clients are critical and our referrals are earned by working closely with a client, starting from the initial discussion to the final delivery and installation of the upgrades.

AES is proficient in performing both interior and exterior energy reduction projects.  These projects include but are not limited to, Multifamily Housing, Commercial Spaces, Industrial Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Education Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Properties, Parking Facilities, Specialized Needs Facilities, Refrigeration Equipment, Freezers, Landscape Design, Security and Property Signage.

AES houses a staff of knowledgeable employees that are well versed and understand how to acquire the maximum money in rebates, incentives, grants and low interest loans to reduce the out of pocket expense of upgrading a facility to its maximum energy efficiency.  By adding a third party’s money to your own, you the client, win in two ways.

1. Lower Energy Cost.

2. Money to pay down energy reduction projects.
3. Only Energy Star approved products Installed
Alliance Energy Savers Inc. Expertise Includes The Following Services
Lighting Services





All projects start with an initial energy audit to identify where the greatest consumption of energy exists and at what costs. Once the audit is complete, AES will use the information gained to advise as to whether a complete installation of new lighting equipment is appropriate or to retro-fit the existing lighting systems where applicable.  This strategy helps the client understand how our lighting systems, either retro-fit or new will provide better illumination at a much lower operational cost.  

AES does not bill or charge any fee to a client for the collection of this valuable information. Once the type of project is decided, AES completes all the necessary applications to the agencies where money is available to off-set the project cost and thereby providing a very suitable return on investment (ROI) pay back period.

AES will work with Engineers or Architects and install as per their design specifications. AES will continue to calculate the savings and incentives to assure the maximum return to the client is achieved. AES will also determine if the installation of lighting controls, daylight harvesting and or occupancy sensor technology would benefit the client in both project cost and incentive as discussed above.


Energy Management












AES conducts full energy audits to determine where wasted energy occurs, and completes all the necessary filings to acquire incentives, rebates, low interest loans and tax rebates to help fund the project to off-set the cost and deliver the greatest (ROI).

AES offers an array of Energy Management Products, both Electrical & Mechanical, including interior temperature sensors, valve controls, water temperature sensors, run time controls on equipment and lighting systems, all wirelessly. These systems keep operation at its optimum performance and at the lowest operational cost. With controls in place and operating in real time, these systems are constantly monitored and will report back electronically to all forms of wireless devices 24/7. This helps to anticipate equipment failures or changes necessary in the systems to achieve better use of energy. By managing and lessening the burden on motors, drives, heating systems, hot water systems, ventilation and lighting not only does the energy consumption become less but lower demand charges are billed by the utility.







AES acquires all incentives, rebates and low interest loans to help fund the project from third parties.  AES files all required applications with the Public Service Commission and if appropriate the NYC Housing Authority as well as all NYC required permits.  

AES systems eliminate the client's responsibility for tenant electric consumption and cost by transferring the control and the burden of cost from the building owner to the residents.

AES systems include monitoring the temperatures in all occupied spaces.  In doing so, a record of each occupied space is maintained and verifies the actual temperature throughout the time of usage.  This record serves as evidence regarding the temperature in the occupied space and is excepted as fact in the event of resident heating complaints.

Simply, the resident has the tools to measure their own level of energy consumption and the ability to alter their usage, thereby reducing their cost, which they now pay for after the installation.  When sub-metered, the residents will also benefit from the lower multifamily energy rate currently charged to the properly.



Auditing, Management & Cost


AES will conduct an audit suitable to qualify for most incentive and rebate programs.   For most projects there is no cost for the audit. Some audits though, requiring a higher level of auditing may have applicable fees these are always quoted before such an audit is undertaken.  Audits are provided for multifamily residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, medical, educational or institutional facilities. 

All audits are conducted to provide accurate levels of energy consumption and costs to determine the true cost when comparing the existing to any recommended replacement of energy efficient equipment. 

Simply put, accurate energy audits identify from the highest to the lowest levels of consumption per each measure.  In this manner we are sure to determine the best solutions, the best installation that will provide the highest efficiency at the lowest cost.

Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Advantages

Money Moving Towards You


Offered by Utility companies, Local, State and the Federal Governments to consumers that install energy efficient technology that will substantially lower the consumption of energy and thereby reduce the effects of the carbon foot print.

This is a consumers chance to get money from a third party to help pay for reducing the energy that is needed to stay in business.  The installation of these conservation measures pay for them self and at an attractive (ROI) pay back period.

Consider this, an energy reduction project will substantially reduce the amount of money spent for energy each and every month and every month going forward for all the years to come.

AES makes this so simple, we do all the filings, studies, calculations and interface with the third parties and you get free money.  How many times have you heard the words “a true win-win situation”, until you read the fine print. We assure you in this case, you do win and so does the environment.

Solar Installations



AES puts extra time in upfront to design a solar system that lets you get more energy and more electricity savings from each solar dollar spent. This extra attention and accuracy delivers a solar system energy bill that combined with your new electricity bill is much lower than your old electricity bill prior to installation.

Incentives, rebates, grants, low interest financing and tax advantages are all designed to aid in lowering energy consumption.

AES’S delivers the reliability and skill of a new age solar company with personalized service and the ability to deliver a system as promised.

Let us help you to harness the sun’s full potential, driving consumption and costs down by dramatically reducing the need to purchase energy from the Utility Company now servicing you.

When selecting AES, you get a solar partner for finance, incentives, layout, installation, operations and maintenance, all critical factors.

Three reasons to consider solar:

  1. Dependability 
  2. Efficiency 
  3. Innovation


Alliance Energy Savers, Overview

Alliance Energy Savers prides itself on expertise within the fields of Energy Conservation, Cost and Management. Alliance Energy Savers is your one stop location for all of your energy reduction needs.

We are the experts, having received recognition from our clients, peers, third parties and agencies including State, Federal and Utility Companies that provide the incentives, low interest loans and grants for Energy Conservation projects.

WHEN YOU NEED TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION & COSTS, WE DELIVER:  Including design and installation of measures in Auditing, Lighting, Wireless Energy Management and Controls, Wireless Sub-metering and Solar, just ask AES.

AES'S, Systematic approach regardless of the undertaking begins with a No Cost Energy Audit and follows the Methodology below
  1. AES Completes an energy audit which provides a clear picture of where a facility is using Energy wisely and where it is not.  Keep in mind that at this stage, Alliance has not and will not bill for conducting the Energy Audit suitable for most energy reduction projects.
  2. AES Develops an action plan from the audit findings and the clients concerns.  In this manner, AES delivers significant energy savings through a well thought-out energy reduction program. The proposed installations will end the over consumption of energy as well as the wasting of money.
  3. Once a plan is in place, the decision can be made to undertake either a retro-fit project of the existing equipment, or if the existing systems are in poor condition, damaged or do not lend themselves to retro-fitting, than a replacement is called for and new Energy Efficient equipment is installed.

Affiliates & Partners

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison (Green Team), PSEG Long Island, North America Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Philips Lighting, Coronet Lighting, Max Lighting, Electra-LED, Intech-21, Galaxy Switch Gear, Leviton, Association for Energy Affordability, The Lighting Group 


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