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Lower your energy bills with Energy Management Consulting & Integration Services from Allied Energy Efficiency Group, Inc. Our consultants help you save money by making your building more energy efficient.

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Energy Management Systems

Regulate the energy used by replacing motors and drives that run constantly at one speed.  Install new (variable) motors and drives that will start and stop and run at a speed to meet the demand as needed. This prevents high energy use and the associated cost for damage that occurs with maximum sustained use. Higher usage means higher bills, it's time, reduce your energy costs today.

Become more energy efficient with our help. Our consultants access your current situation and determine what needs to be done so your building uses less energy.  AES does it right the first time.

In today’s competitive economy, with soaring energy prices and increasing environmental regulations, the ability to analyze and control operating costs has become critical.  Everyone is looking for ways to lower energy costs, reduce consumption and minimize their carbon and environmental foot print.

AES uses energy monitoring, analysis and energy management system software that delivers both platform and browser-independent real-time visualization to show how to best address any application from a single building to multiple-sites.  It is firewall-friendly and the custom energy dashboard views consumption of energy and reports after analyzing your energy usage, including patterns, resources, demand, consumption and sustainability.  Authorized personnel can quickly understand the findings and navigate to find opportunities for improvement.

The system will collect energy data which includes acquiring data from electric, gas, fuel oil, steam, chilled water or any other metered network.  Through web services and IEC protocols it is able to interface to the smart grid for rate and other supply information.  Further, the aggregation and recorded consumption data for long term and continuous use offer analysis and comparison.  The rate model tool enables the users to enter virtually any rate model so that costs can be automatically derived and recorded for comparison to budgets both past performance and actual utility bills.


Regardless of how much a corporation spends, all corporations see the benefit of knowing more about how they are using energy, with all clients stating they need to collect and report more energy data more frequently at a higher quality of data.


It is true that for years, the answer to managing peak periods of energy usage has been one-way demand response. When the load gets too high, shut the systems down. This approach shaved load, but did not enable predictive costs, measurable results or provided energy reduction solutions. 

Now intelligent energy management, builds upon demand response, enabling communication two-ways between provider and consumer allowing everyone with the insight and control to optimize energy usage. Reducing the energy load is critical as well as cutting costs, integration of systems allows for informed decisions, (smart grid technology), an end-to-end intelligent energy solution delivered.

Federal & State Incentives

Earn incentives from the Federal Government, State Government, Local Municipalities or your Local Utility to help pay down your projects cost by becoming an Energy Efficient Green Organization. AES partners with all funding organizations and will file for all necessary material to achieve the funding. 

Energy Audits

Get an informational energy audit free of charge. Our consultants audit your building to determine necessary changes as well as further energy-saving possibilities. AES projects always deliver an excellent return on investment (ROI) that continues well into the future.

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