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Contract AES to replace your existing Lighting systems with state-of-the-art technology including, LED, T-5, T-8, Direct and In-direct, Occupancy sensors, Day light harvesting, Bi-level lighting, Dimming technology, Color kinetics and additional specific product requirements. 

AES prides itself in providing the best solution to meet your lighting needs, while reducing your operating costs dramatically.

Create a well illuminated environment that is safe and comfortable to work in, whether lighting the interior or the exterior of the facility.


When you chose AES you do not get just another cookie cutter project, rather a well thought out installation that incorporates technologies that are the best suited for each and every lighting application. Not every project is the same, today we have a vast quantity of measures to provide the optimum efficiency.  AES will never compromise on the appearance or safety of the property.  

Reduce your energy costs by over 65 percent and in some cases even more than 80 percent.  Benefit now from a lighting energy reduction project that has a short term payback, and an excellent R.O.I.

Well illuminated lighting in an environment makes such a vast difference in employee attitude, a well illuminated work place produces more productivity!

Energy Efficient Light Bulb - Energy Consultants

AES undertakes lighting projects, both interior and exterior, including Multifamily Residential Properties, Educational Facilities, Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Religious Institutions, Government & Municipal Buildings, and Parking areas.

AES resources include the expertise when specific lighting needs must be meet, including, refrigeration, freezers, landscaping, property signage and security.

When you have the need AES has the solution.


Alliance Energy Savers Secures, Third Party Cash to Help Pay for the Upgrades

AES undertakes the entire application process to secure any and all available third party funding, incentives, rebates, low interest loans and grants from Government and Utility Companies, (always in the highest amount possible).  

AES compares all available funding and secures money from the agencies offering the most funding for a specific measure, in this manner we assure the highest funding possible. The end result is third party contributions at the highest level to assure that the out of pocket cost go down to the lowest possible level.  

The Three Methodology's in Undertaking a Lighting Project

  1. Retro-fitting: The existing luminary bodies are retained and refurbished to include new energy efficient lighting technology upgrades. The results generally are as high as 80 percent reduction in energy consumption, better illumination and lower energy costs year after year.
  2. New Replacement Equipment: Includes new luminaries, new day light harvesting systems, new occupancy sensors and dimming luminaries installed to achieve the greatest reduction in energy consumption as high as 80 percent.
  3. Consulting Services: All aspects of a project including Layout, Design, Luminary Selection, Engineering and Project Management.  When selecting AES to oversee a project, we administer the bidding process and provide at least three (3) bids from only qualified contractors.  AES provides on site management to assure the agreed equipment as well as labor is according to specification. In addition, conducting safety inspections, enforcing weekly tail gate meetings, managing communications with the contractors, managing milestones and payments to contractors, acquiring all insurance certificates and filing for all required code compliance's are just some of the services provided when using AES as a consulting firm. AES will also acquire all third party funding, maximize incentives, grants and low interest loans to reduce the overall project cost and deliver a fully turn key project.

It takes a team to get a job done right the first time.


Lighting Services

Q: What are Lumen's?
A: Lumen's are a measurement of how much visible light a bulb or lamp produces rather than how much energy it uses (which is measured in watts). A bulb with more lumen's produces brighter light, less lumen's means dimmer light.

Q: What are Watts?
A: Watts measure the amount of energy consumed by a lamp or light bulb (or any illumination device).

Q: Can LED's be used in recessed cans, outdoor lights, or track lighting?
A: Generally yes, with some exceptions.

Q: Are CFL’s and  LED'S dimmable?
A: Both are available in dimmable models. It is necessary to match dimmable lamps with the proper dimming switch; using a regular dimmer switch can
    damage the electronics in both and can cause them to burn out faster.

Q: Why are incandescent light bulbs going away?                                                                                                                                                       

A:  Because they are very inefficient, waste energy, burn out much faster as well as contribute to Mercury and pollutants in the atmosphere.  

Q: How do LED's work?
A: A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. When an LED is switched on, electrons are able to recombine with holes within the device,
    releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescent.

Q: Why do LED's cost more?
A: LED's require more precise current and heat management than incandescent and CFL’s of comparable output.
Q: Do LED'S last longer?
A: Yes, up to 35 times longer than incandescent lamps.   

Q: Are LED's toxic or dangerous?
A: LED's are not considered toxic. LED's have the advantage over fluorescent lamps in that they do not contain mercury, but they may contain small amounts
     of other hazardous metals such as lead and arsenic.

Q: What does “cool” and “warm” mean on the lighting label?
A: These are terms that describe the relative color quality measured in heat that is emitted by the lamp. Cool light has more of a blue cast; warm light is more        yellow, now specified the Kelvin heat rating system.

Q:  Will Alliance Energy Savers conducts an on site audit to determine my energy usage at no cost to me the client?
A:   Yes and always at your convenience.

Q: Can you find me low interest loans if I desire?
A: Various funding types are available and all at lower interest cost.

Q: How much energy can I assume will be reduced if I take on a lighting project?                                                                                                      
A: Generally, you can assume a reduction in energy of fifty, (50%) percent and often up to eighty, (80%) percent.

Q: How will I know that the savings you project will actually occur?      
A: Easy, all work will be done only after the state or local utility has entered the property and confirms the accuracy stated in our proposals, as well they will             confirm any projected amount of any rebate, incentive or low interest loan that is included.

Q: My facility is so busy during regular working hours it would be too difficult to undertake a project at that time, can the work be done in off
     hours during the day or night?                                                                                                                                   
A:  Yes, we regularly do installations for a client in off hours, nights and weekends and in doing so we are not interrupting the flow of business.

Q:  Are you licensed to do electrical work and installations within New York City, Westchester and Long Island areas?
A:  Yes, absolutely.

Q: How do I know the staff has the necessary skills?
A: All senior management, project managers, auditors and electricians are licensed or trained and have years of experience.  We are a certified company by           the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, (NYSERDA), Con-Edison’s (Green Team) and PSE&G of Long Island. 

Q: What warranty's are provided?                                                                                                                                                                                

A: Warranty's are generally as follows with few exceptions, lighting fixtures and equipment, energy management equipment, sub-metering and all associated
     hardware is warranted for a period of 5 years minimum from the date of the installation.  Labor is generally 5 years and often longer as per the terms of a

Q: How does this type of project help the environment?
A: First, once completed you will be reducing the need to create more energy by your supplier since you now use less energy and lower toxic
    emissions into the atmosphere, a cleaner and more desirable world to live in.


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