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It’s easy to understand why management and ownership need assurance, it's difficult to understand all the nuances and regulations when considering any energy reduction undertaking in a residential property or commercial property.  AES provides our client with the confidence that the Energy & Financial information provided by AES is accurate and assures a successful undertaking with no surprises like, unwanted change orders and cost over runs.
AES'S commitment, we will meet all expectations, provide the highest level of service and creates milestones to measure progress throughout the entire installation, complying in every way with the audits findings and projections.
Contact Alliance Energy Savers and arrange for an auditing of your facility, see just how much energy we can save for you and see for your self just how much money we can save by REDUCING YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION & THE CURRENT COST YOU PAY

Energy & Natural Resources

The ever-increasing global demand for energy is constantly increasing production strains for all forms of energy.  While at the same time ever increasing demands for further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and energy foot prints through new Government regulations are ever present and increasing in today's market place.  Regulatory pressures on energy use, new technologies, more and more pressure including supply, transportation and transmission all becoming more controlled every day and ever more costly.

It’s clear that all consumers of energy and natural resources are facing one of their most challenging times.  For every company regardless of type or product produced there are the ever present costs to operate. Electric or Natural Gas what ever is consumed all constantly increasing in cost every year.

Today, you can effectively alter just how much energy you are consuming and thereby what you are currently paying.  Use less and pay less by reducing your energy consumption within your facilities.

AES is at the forefront of the industry, interacting with our clients, local government, local utilities and both State and the Federal Governments to provide opportunities for clients and remain as an industry leader.

Our Energy & Cost professionals combine real-world experience with an in-depth understanding of how energy is consumed in all facets of business and how to dramatically reduce consumption and thereby stop the waste as well as money spent.

AES clients need ongoing information to better understand both the energy and cost issues they face. We are constantly looking for better and emerging technologies, we find some are good, some not so good. This helps us to remain on the cutting edge always providing a high-quality service.

Our staff has successfully delivered projects that have reduced operational costs by more than 65 percent and as high as 80 percent.

Audit Findings & Report

AES will determine the consumption of energy, for both the existing energy and proposed energy.

Audited calculations identify both the cost and savings in energy dollars for both the existing and proposed.

AES Identifies available cash incentives, rebates and low interest loans that are applicable to the project.

Financial considerations, including the project cost, Pay Back Period and R.O.I. are all provided.

         Once again, all the above at no out of pocket cost in most cases, nothing until an agreement is signed 


Auditing Services Energy & Cost

Q: How do I comply with all the regulations and government mandates concerning my business?
A: Easy, we advise you as to what you do have to comply with. Let Alliance Energy Savers understand how Local, State and Federal regulations effect     your business.

Q: How do I keep up with new and upcoming regulations that I am sure will further alter my level of operational complexity?
A: You don’t have to, Alliance Energy Savers will do it for you and keep you ahead of the changes.  

Q: I already spend enough money just buying energy and I certainly don’t want to pay for more services.
A: Then spend less, we will show you how and assure that the added cost will not only pay for itself, but as well will lower your current costs, you win.

Q: If I have to pay for your Auditing & Consulting, how does that really help me lower my costs?
A: The Energy Audit and initial consulting is at no charge to you and the results may be priceless.

Q: What actually occurs in an Energy Audit?
A: AES analyzes the properties energy consumption in all facets and provides a detailed report identifying how much energy you actually consume, how           much can be reduced and at what cost. In addition, the R.O.I. effect and the amount of money a third party will commit to pay towards the undertaking. All for you to consider and have the assurance that when you move forward with the project you are making a sound investment.  Only after this process we can discuss how and when, if you find it desirable. 

Q: What recommendation do you make the most often?
A: Start with the most basic, easy to accomplish and get someone else to pay a substantial part of the cost.

Q: All I hear is that Government wants more transparency, especially about my use of energy, how do I deal with this?
A: The one way we know is to comply, use less energy, pay less money and the Government will be happy and in this rare case, so will you.

Q: What type of Increased reporting, as well as costs will I have to deal with?
A: Have you heard of Energy Foot Print, Benchmarking, Tax Credits or Costs, these Laws already exist and are already in effect.  Understanding these laws is   only the begining. We will help you with not only understanding these laws, but what is coming down the road.

Q: I answer to a group of owners this is not a mom and pop organization. 
A: Alliance understands that management, boards and stock holders need assurance on the reliability of the information that is reported.  Therefore, all the             information we provide is verified by third parties, Government, Utility, State and Local agencies.

Q: Bottom line, what is your commitment?
A: Assurance requires a firm that can achieve the highest levels of quality and insight in the auditing process and provide an enlightened perspective on Energy
Cost and the effect on your business, that is Alliance Energy Savers Inc.  

Affiliates & Partners

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison (Green Team), PSEG Long Island, North America Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Philips Lighting, Coronet Lighting, Max Lighting, Electra-LED, Intech-21, Galaxy Switch Gear, Leviton, Association for Energy Affordability, The Lighting Group 


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