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  • Funding through Public purpose programs administered by Utilities, Local, State, and the Federal Governments, and paid for from utility monthly billing to ratepayers, typically through a non-by-passable system benefits charge instituted as part of restructuring legislation or rules.
  • Utility programs administered by the local utility and paid for by utility ratepayers through their bundled rates.
  • Programs sponsored by state agencies designed to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy and typically funded out of general tax revenues.
  • It also provides information about demand-response and load management programs, which offer incentives to curtail demand during peak energy use periods in response to system reliability or market conditions.

Simply stated, the money available to you to lower the cost of an energy efficient upgrade of the existing buildings equipment, or the installation of new energy efficient equipment. In most cases the incentives can range as high as 75%, this is a contribution on the part of Utilities, State and Local Governments and Federal tax reductions that should never be passed up.


Alliance Energy Savers has been arranging project cost reduction through programs as described above for over 20 years. Our staff of energy auditors are professional, well trained and accredited with all the major funding agencies. AES undertakes the investigation in the form of an energy audit looking at all areas of energy consumption within the property. Having accomplished the first phase of just what exists and how much energy is consumed and at what cost, we then consider what costs are involved to replace the equipment and dramatically lower the energy consumption. Next, we investigate what agencies will provide, incentives, rebates, grants and tax reductions. Our approach is different from all other companies in the manner in which we accomplish this. Regulations regarding acceptance of an incentive do not permit the accusation's of money from more that one agency for the same measure, although we are permitted to cherry pick from all agencies and select an incentive from the agency providing the most money for the measure. In this manner, we work a little harder and you our client receive the greatest amount of money legally available.


The true caveat for our client, AES does all of the above at no cost in most cases.  In addition AES undertakes the filing for all incentives, rebates, grant and tax credits on your behalf.  We do all the communications with the entity providing the funding and provide you with a audited report that describes each detail of what we are suggesting, all incentives to be paid, warranty of all replacement or retro equipment, and just how much energy and money you will save each and every month going forward.  Finally we provide the very bottom line, what is your ROI and Payback period as well as the reduction in maintenance and it's costs currently.  

The AES commitment is , we can not assure you that nothing will ever go wrong, but if it does we will be there to fix it and will not argue that someone else is responsible, our reputation is what makes us grow in clients confidence and prestige every new day. 

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