Alliance Energy Savers, (Mission Statement)

Energy Costs / Energy Savings

Alliance Energy Savers is deeply committed to reducing WASTED ENERGY. 

We strive to achieve this goal through real world solutions capable of reducing the cost paid for energy by reducing the energy needed to operate productively in various method's. In doing so, AES is doing its part to help create for our generation and the generations to come...


Alliance Energy Savers achieves it's goal by seeking out business leaders, financial officers and corporate personnel and conducts honest dialog regarding what works now, to truly reduce Energy Consumption and it's costs.

Further, AES provides a forum for discussions into the future of energy developments and the anticipated results from such new technology's and what these trends will mean especially regarding the feasibility, practices and governmental regulations and policy's.   

In our Mission we AES remain one of the most current companies in understanding past trends, practices, integration and efficiency and thereby provide the most successful upgrades in Energy Efficiency. 

In doing so, our staff of specialists, current clients as well as future clients desiring a greater understanding of energy and its usage that will affect a facilities current operation and future operation concerning the usage and costs of energy.

Our commitment is to always provide the truth pertaining to Energy Reductions, Costs and how best to achieve the Green Environment we all need and desire.  Visit us any time or call us, lets talk, with no obligations. 

Affiliates & Partners

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison (Green Team), PSEG Long Island, North America Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Philips Lighting, Coronet Lighting, Max Lighting, Electra-LED, Intech-21, Galaxy Switch Gear, Leviton, Association for Energy Affordability, The Lighting Group 


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