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Our sun, the power plant in the sky, covers the earth with endless and FREE ENERGY that can deliver all the world's power needs over and over again. It delivers energy with no harm full toxins, no carbon dioxide emissions and it will not run out for millions of years. So how can we efficiently turn this wealth of energy into the electricity we need every day, year after year?


Simple, the sun's light contains energy, all the energy we will ever need. When the sun's light illuminates a surface, it turns the surface hot with heat and when the sun delivers it's light to certain materials, it turns the light into electrical current and can be saved as electrical power.


The panels and micro inverters we employ, gather this electric power and are guaranteed to function flawlessly for twenty five, (25) years.


Further, our installations come with a ten, (10) year warranty on the equipment, installation and workmanship.


Our staff of engineers and service technicians, are on call for service to your location twenty four hours, seven days, three hundred and sixty five days per year for any system problem. Just contact us and we are on the way.


In addition, we constantly review and advise as to your energy savings online with our web-based monitoring system.


When selecting the proper equipment for your installation we advise as to the material with the shortest payback period, best return on investment for the maximum performance. When only limited roof space is available, we suggest the Maximum Efficiency panels to get the most out of the space and when combined with micro-inverters, the highest AC electricity production per square foot in the industry is achieved.


Last, we use only the best mounting material and hardware, eliminating the problems that occur when cheep material is used.  We flash all roof penetrations. For asphalt or wood shingle we use commercial grade anodized aluminum or galvanized steel flashing. For Tile roofs we use Lead Flashing. When flashing is not possible such as on rolled composite materials, we use commercial-grade, 50 year sealant.

Energy Efficient Light Bulb - Energy Consultants




Energy Efficient Light Bulb - Energy Consultants



Energy Efficient Light Bulb - Energy Consultants



Alliance Secures, Third Party Cash to Help Pay for the Upgrades

Worried about all the paperwork? Don’t be. We’ll take care of it all, including installation permits, any homeowners' association applications, and the forms required to store electricity with your electric utility provider. We’ll even give you sample tax forms to help you file properly for your tax incentives and all projects are filed with the local municipality to assure code compliance is met.

It takes a team to get a job done right the first time.

Federal & State Incentives

Earn incentives from the Federal Government, State Government, Local Municipalities or your Local Utility to help pay down your projects cost by becoming an Energy Efficient Green Organization. AES partners with all funding organizations and will file for all necessary material to achieve the funding. 

Energy Audits
Get an informational energy audit free of charge. Our consultants audit your building to determine necessary changes as well as further energy-saving possibilities. AES projects always deliver an excellent return on investment that continues well into the future.

Affiliates & Partners

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison (Green Team), PSEG Long Island, North America Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Philips Lighting, Coronet Lighting, Max Lighting, Electra-LED, Intech-21, Galaxy Switch Gear, Leviton, Association for Energy Affordability, The Lighting Group 


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