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Alliance Energy Savers Inc. technicians have installed well over 10,000 meters throughout New York and the surrounding areas. AES installs metering equipment in multifamily residential housing as well as commercial & industrial properties.    

The accuracy of today’s sub-metering equipment is at levels never considered before; the measurements will reveal waste, cross wiring, leakage and fraud.

How do we accomplish this and why not just continue to allow your occupants to use energy as they choose too. Because, if you pay for the electric or have a single metered building you pay the bill for them and only encourage them to use energy with no down side cost.  Lets consider that you charge a fee for energy, (electric for each apartment in the property) at a fixed amount per each month in the rent and fees paid by the tenant, co-op owner or condo owner.  Now consider this fact, 10 % of the residents use at a minimum 30 % of the energy for all the apartments within the property.  The next 30 % utilize the next 50 % of the energy consumed for all of the apartments and the last 20 % actually use the remaining 20 % or even less.  Now ask yourself this question, am I really charging enough to equal what I am billed per each and every month, month after month and so on.  Ask your self this question its winter, why are there so many windows open, or its summer and no one is home, why is the A/C on and further why are there windows open with the A/C on?  The answer is easy, you pay the electric bills.  

Consider this scenario, you get complaints that in the winter you are not supplying enough heat and you find yourself in court arguing that you do provide adequate heat, but its your word against the complaintant .  How would you like proof as to the temperature in a tenants apartment at any given day or hour? The answer is you can, with AES sub-metering systems you have a record of recorded temperatures in every residence recorded electronically because AES provides temperature monitoring in every sub-meter we install in every apartment.

Our group of technicians have decades of experience working with all types of existing building circuitry, both fuse and breakers and generally have no need to power down an entire feed proving electric to several apartments as opposed to the single apartment serviced.  Our auditors are made up of qualified individuals and our installers are fully trained in the installation of sub-meters in residential apartments as well as master meters and pulse meter conversion in the main electrical rooms. Further, we continue to evaluate the systems functionality and assure good working order. We check for failure in components, proper data transmission and also tampering.  We have never met an installation challenge we could not overcome.

Depend on our Utility Bill Payment Service to evaluate utility usage, make collections easier and substantially reduce the cost of processing of utility bills. Our system efficiently gathers data from past and present bills to accurately measure and effectively manage energy efficiency.  Whether you decide to evaluate the collective cost and usage yourself or work with one of our experts, you will be in an ideal position to make necessary changes to save money. Subscribers of our Bill Payment Services tend to experience far less delay from the time the utility company master bills are generated and when we receive them. We then turn them around immediately, so you are carrying the utility expense for as little time as necessary.

Using our web-based reporting system, clients can view data for an entire organization or down to a specific site or even a single apartment. 

Our program provides you with a set of reports to support your efforts to identify and manage your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions, (foot print). These reports quantify the CO2 emissions that result from your energy consumption, identify opportunities for reduction, and measure reductions over time.


AES installs meters right the first time, we test each meter installed to assure it is properly working before leaving an apartment.

Our commitment, a job done right the first time at the right price.

Sub-metering for Master-Metered Buildings, (Advanced Sub-metering Program from NYSERDA)

If you own a building of five or more units that has only a master meter (apartments are not individually metered), you can improve your profitability and increase your residents’ satisfaction with NYSERDA’s Advanced Sub metering Program, a component of our Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio.


Advanced Sub metering provides incentives to help you convert to a system with a master meter and advanced submeters, where every unit is metered and residents pay for the energy they use in their individual units.

More Control, Electricity Savings, and Environmental Benefits

Advanced sub-metering technology allows residents to control their own energy use with real-time data. Recent studies show that buildings can reduce their energy consumption by up to 20 percent in the first year alone by installing advanced submeters.


The submeter data gives residents the knowledge they need to change their energy usage to save money. Your building can also take advantage of smart-grid opportunities—using energy when prices are at their lowest and conserving when prices peak.


If residents lower their energy consumption, they lower the demand for electricity from fossil-fueled power plants, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

NYSERDA Will Pay Up To Half The Cost

NYSERDA pays 50% of the installed cost of submeters, up to $250 per submeter, and also provides incentives, (detailed below) for efficient refrigerators and in-unit lighting so residents see optimum savings in their electric bills.


Financing for multifamily energy upgrades is more affordable through Green Jobs – Green NY. You can borrow up to $1 million at about half the market rate to pay for the balance of energy efficiency upgrades not covered by NYSERDA’s generous cash incentives.

Upgrades (including advanced sub-metering) to existing buildings are eligible for financing through this program.

Advanced submeters $250 per meter, up to 50% of cost of system
Master meter(s) $1,500 per Master Meter
Refrigerator, ENERGY STAR® $250 Each

In unit lighting (permanent fixtures)

$25 Each

Sub-metering Services

Q: How do I stay in the loop as to what is going on in usage and billing?
A: AES offers a flexible billing platform and a convenient wireless on-line portal for residents and management that provides all of the information you desire.

Q: I get the methodology of your systems, but will this really save me money?
A: AES will reduce your operating budget by giving residents personal responsibility for their utility usage. For you this means, lower utility bills, no more          writing checks and will make your property’s value higher.

Q: What happens when a vacant apartment utility services and the payment responsibility  was not transferred to a resident in a timely fashion?
A: We undertake the problem for you and get you the usage and the cost that was incurred

Q: I am interested in demand side management.
A: If you can reduce your operations, you could receive compensation through a Demand Response Program. AES will discover if you are eligible and enroll       using our data and reporting services and data collected.

Q: What can you do to get me LEED Certification?
A: AES can provide reports that quantify the CO2 emissions that result from your energy consumption, identify opportunities for reduction, and measure           reductions over time.

Q: What about the billing and other errors that seem to be associated with utility billing?

A: You can count on AES to discover any errors in your utility bills and negotiate with your utility provider to optimize your billing rates, saving you money for     years to come.

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